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  • Founded in 1997, FBelec is a professional electro-acoustic product manufacturer that has been certified by the ISO9001 quality system and integrates scientific research, design, production and sales. The main products include: Vehicle Back Up Alarms , car reversing alarm , automotive electronics Speakers, runway-shaped speakers, multimedia speakers , cavity speakers, bluetooth speakers, bluetooth speakers , reversing buzzer , etc., and has an independent office in Ningbo, you can find FBelec for customized reversing alarms.

  • Reversing Truck beep reversing beepers is a signal device generated when the vehicle reversing to warn pedestrians and other vehicles to leave quickly behind the vehicle.The working principle of the Reverse Beeper Buzzer : using the circuit of the reversing light, when the driver hangs the reverse gear, the alarm relay is turned on, so that a small electric horn emits intermittent sounds.

  • Back-Up Alarm Beepers , it can automatically detect the distance of obstacles at the rear of the car. When it reaches the limit position, it can make a sound

    Light alarm to remind the driver to brake. The ultrasonic distance sensor uses a piezoelectric element lead zirconium titanide, commonly known as RZT. This sensor is characterized by its directionality. The reversing sonar system used in automobiles uses the "echo" of the ultrasonic distance sensor.

    The ultrasonic wave is emitted to the rear of the vehicle when reversing, and the distance from the vehicle to the obstacle can be obtained by measuring the time for the ultrasonic wave to return after encountering an obstacle.

    Reversing alarms are generally used on large trucks. Usually, we can hear the "reversing, reversing, and Please pay attention to the prompt sound to effectively prevent reversing accidents. For vehicles, Backup Beeper are especially important!

  • FBelec has many years of R&D technology, production experience and talent accumulation. Since its establishment, we have always adhered to our consistent policy of "sound quality system, high quality and efficient products, and satisfactory customer service". In addition to the introduction of advanced production and testing equipment, we continue to develop and innovate, take technology as the core, regard quality as life, and provide customers with reliable and satisfactory products and after-sales service. FBelec looks forward to your cooperation with you. Tel: 86-18868647636 E-mail:


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