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Piezo Ultrasonic Atomizer
  • In real life, the application of atomizing tablets is very extensive. In the humidifiers that everyone is very familiar with, our Ultrasonic Humidifier Atomization Ceramic Discs are used.

    Today we are going to tell you the key points of using a humidifier. If the humidifier is used for a long time, fungi or bacteria will grow on the inner wall. Some of the pathogenic bacteria enter the respiratory tract and lungs of the human body through fine water droplets, which may cause allergic reactions. It is best to change the water every day and thoroughly clean it once every two weeks, especially the humidifier that has just been activated, be sure to keep it clean. When cleaning, use as little sterilant and disinfectant as possible, rinse with running water repeatedly, and then wipe off the scale around the water tank with a soft cloth. A humidifier increases the moisture content of the air, making dry air moist. In addition, the negative oxygen ions released by the humidifier during the atomization process are effectively combined with the air, which can make the air fresher, and can also remove odor, smoke, etc. The humidifier can also provide moisture for the skin to absorb, which can effectively solve the problem of skin dehydration.

    In addition, humidifiers usually have many failures during use. Below, FBelec summarizes some solutions when the humidifier fails during use.

    Step 1: Descale with atomizing tablet

    The humidifier has wind and no fog. When tap water is used for a long time, the remaining scale causes water and alkali to form on the vibrating sheet, which cannot operate normally, and the fog will naturally decrease or cannot be sprayed out. Treatment method: Homemade lemon descaling.

    Note: Do not use strong acid, it is not conducive to maintenance, and there are potential safety hazards.

    Step 2: Check if there is any problem with the transducer

    Some atomizing sheets are made of stainless steel, and cannot be scraped with hard objects when handling. Once the metal coating falls off, the atomizing sheet cannot work normally, and the fog cannot come out. Be careful when cleaning.

    Step 3: Check if the fan is ventilating

    There are two conditions for the humidifier to work: 1. The ceramic oscillator vibrates to generate water mist. 2. The fan rotates to send out the water mist. If it can work but no water mist is sprayed out, improper operation will cause the fan to fail. Treatment method: If it is stuck after too long, add some lubricating oil to the fan roller or replace the fan of the same size directly.

    FBelec cooperates with many domestic humidifier manufacturers to provide them with various specifications of piezo atomizer and ultrasonic mist,Piezo Ultrasonic Atomizer,Piezoelectric Atomizer/Humidifier . If you are interested in our products, please contact us .


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