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  • A lot of speakers are used in our life.Common speakers include mylar speaker , loud speaker ,micro speaker , ultrasonic speaker ,ceiling speaker ,garden speaker ,party speaker and so on. Today we will explain some knowledge about intercom speaker.

    The frequency response range of Loudspeaker and Mylar membrane speaker is about 500~5kHz, and it is often used as a tweeter.There are many types of speaker units, with different classifications. According to the electro-acoustic conversion, there are electromagnetic, electric, electrostatic, piezoelectric and other different types of units, the most commonly used is the electric unit; according to the shape of the unit diaphragm, there are cone units, flat-panel units , dome unit, ribbon unit and other types, among which cone unit and flat unit are more suitable for bass and midrange, while dome unit and ribbon unit are more suitable for treble, and some midrange units adopt dome design; From the frequency band covered, the speaker unit can be divided into a bass unit, a mid-range unit, a tweeter unit and a full-band unit.

  • Features

    It is characterized by the simple and ultra-thin characteristics of front and back radiation in the same direction of sound waves, ions and liquid crystal displays.

    The internal magnetic thin speaker has the characteristics of small size, strong stability and long service life. Ultra-thin type, the thickness is only 0.9mm, which can improve the design freedom and can help to improve the design freedom of the whole machine.

    Working Principle

    The permanent magnet generates a magnetic field in the annular air gap of the magnetic circuit through the yoke, and the voice coil connected to the speaker cone is inserted into the annular air gap. Interference, in turn, can reduce the impact of the permanent magnet magnetic field on the outside world, and the waterproof speaker can actually produce sound waves through the piston movement of the diaphragm. The movement of the piston is formed by the mutual inductance of the voice coil and the driving magnet. When the sound passes through the magnetic field in the form of current, the coil will vibrate at different frequencies due to the change of the current strength, which in turn drives the paper cone to emit different frequencies and frequencies. Strong and weak voice.

    Daily maintenance and inspection

    The speaker cone is most affected by temperature. It directly affects the sound quality, especially the mid-bass part, so it is best to re-tune the audio system at this time. Discs: Many car owners often place discs on the dashboard at will, so that when the weather is hot, the discs are easily deformed under high temperature. Humid air: Summer is a rainy season and the air is relatively humid. The audio system is greatly affected by the main unit and the disc. When installing the disc, it must be wiped clean. When wiping, it must be wiped gently from the middle to the four sides. Usually, the car glass should be raised and the door should be closed. , so that the inside of the car will not be too wet.

    Skills Requirement

    The thin speaker has a long and square shape and is visually coordinated with a flat-screen TV. The thickness of the speakers is mostly about 10 cm, which is exactly the same thickness as most flat-screen TVs. The height of the speakers is also designed according to the height of the flat-screen TV. Although flat-screen TVs come in different sizes, you can still choose the right size for these thin speakers.

    The miniature speakers is installed on the principle of not destroying the decoration of the home. If it is installed before the decoration, the professional installer will ask the interior designer to reserve the pipeline, and hide the signal cable and power cable of the TV and micro speaker on the inner wall to create a refreshing and comfortable environment. If it is installed after decoration, the exposed wires will be neatly stored and processed, and properly combined with the decoration to maintain a complete wall structure.

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