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Picture Model No. Size Rated Voltag (V) Operating Voltage (V) Current Consumption (mA) SPL (dB) Resonant Frequency (Hz) Description Datasheet Order
38mm ultrasonic buzzer


38*13 5 6~24 ≤30 ≥90@10cm 2000±500

38mm ultrasonic buzzer

41mm ultrasonic ultrasonic transducer


41*13 5 6~24 ≤30 ≥90@10cm 2000±500

41mm ultrasonic ultrasonic transducer

51mm ultrasonic speaker


51*20 5 6~24 ≤30 ≥90@10cm 2000±500

51mm ultrasonic speaker

Ultrasonic Speaker

  • What is an ultrasonic mousetrap piezoelectric ultrasonic speaker?

    Rat repellent is a device that can produce 20khz-55khz ultrasonic wave by using professional electronic technology design and years of research on rats in the scientific community. The ultrasonic wave generated by the device can effectively stimulate and cause rats to feel threatened and uneasy. This technology comes from the advanced pest control concept in Europe and America. The purpose of use is to create a "high-quality space without rats and pests", create an environment where pests and mice can not survive, force them to migrate automatically, and can not reproduce and grow within the control area, so as to achieve the purpose of eradicating rats and pests.

    Ultrasonic can also repel mosquitoes. There are 3840,5120 Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Tweeter of FBelec company.


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