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Nail Phototherapy Machine

  • Nail Phototherapy Machine

    Nail lamp, also known as nail phototherapy lamp. It is specially used for drying phototherapy glue in nail enhancement process. It is mostly used in nail salon. Manicure phototherapy is a manicure manicure, which is similar to nail polish, but it is not easy to peel off than nail polish. It can usually keep for more than a month, and it is more expensive than nail polish. It is usually used in professional nail shops. Because manicure lamp is used in nail polish therapy, it is nail polish phototherapy lamp. There are two kinds of nail lights, one is ultraviolet lamp, the other is LED lamp. The main wavelength of UV is =370nm, which can be used for drying and sterilizing. In general, there are four tubes and 9W in a manicure lamp. Please replace the lamp tube regularly every 6 months. Pay attention to eyes not to look directly at UV lamp tubes. Use the gel production manual or UV lamp related instructions to use, do not shrink or use overtime, so that the best effect can be maintained.

    How to use nail phototherapy machine

    This is how to use 36W:

    1. Connect the power socket and turn the O / I switch to the I position

    2. Put your hands or feet into the machine and set the time according to your requirements, from 30 seconds to 180 seconds

    3. When the illumination time expires, the UV lamp will automatically go out

    4. Please pull out the bottom when replacing the lamp tube and cleaning the interior of the lamp

    5. The bottom plate can be pulled out.

    Purchase of nail phototherapy machine

    Manicure phototherapy lamp curing phototherapy manicure special lamp is available, every kind of Manicure lamp is available in the market, some fans and nail lamp are integrated into one, and more quickly drying. Compared with the nail lamp produced by other manufacturers, the service life is longer and the shell quality is better, because the general nail lamp uses electronic ballast. The advantage of this nail lamp is that it is easy to carry weight and can be started at low voltage, but the disadvantage is short service life and unsafe. Manicure lamps are made of inductance ballasts, which can extend the service life of lamps.

    Market prospect of nail phototherapy machine

    Voltage stability, safety, not easy to heat, low power consumption. However, it is heavier than the nail lamp of the electronic ballast, because there are two inductors, which are of heavy quality, not so convenient to carry, and can not be started at low voltage. Nail lamp is a new product derived from the nail industry. The domestic nail Market is getting better and better. Various chain nail shops also came into being, bringing the development of another production chain.


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